In a busy school it is essential that all of the PCs and laptops are ready for use when you turn them on. They also all need to start up in exactly the same way and have all of the software and settings that you need. There is just no time to start fiddling around with them before the lesson can start.

Beebug Security does all this for you. It's been designed to seamlessly lock down the computers in your school to stop pupils (and staff) from making changes and stops them from getting to parts of the network that they should not see. It makes it very simple for anyone to use the computer as everything they need is right in front of them. We can also customise it to your requirements, so that you have a particular Desktop or so that your programs are organized by topics or even Keystage groups rather than complicated program names.

It's Windows 10 compatible so you can have a mixture of PCs or tablets running Windows 10 and Windows 7 on your network all at the same time. A few features of what Beebug Security can do are:

  • Secure - Prevent unauthorised changes to the configuration of your PCs. This reduces downtime and frustration amongst users.
  • Group-based Control - The majority of options are group-based, so they can be applied to groups of users, e.g. Teachers or Students. You can also apply settings to groups of machines too.
  • Group-based Icons - The icons that appear on the desktop or the Start Menu can be tailored to the requirements of different groups.
  • Logon Message - Display a message of your choosing customised to specific groups of users or all users.
  • Custom Backgrounds - Choose a custom background to display on the desktop, such as a picture of your school or a logo.
  • Internet Home page - For each group of users, select the default home page to start up when Internet Explorer/Chrome/Edge is run.
  • Printers - Map printers for groups of machines. Have printers mapped for an ICT suite and other printers mapped for classroom PCs.
  • Workstation control - View your workstations centrally from your server. See what machines are turned on and who is logged on to them. Restart or shutdown machines either individually or whole groups. Send a customisable message to a single machine, a group of machines or your entire network.

Please Contact us to find out more.

Lock Down Alerts - Beebug Messenger.

This software has been built to perform a part in your lock down procedures. When you need to quickly get information out to all the classrooms whether an emergency or just informative. It allows you to broadcast this message to all Windows Domain devices on your network in just a few clicks.

You are able to assign a severity of message, Alert or Critical.

This is free to all schools that Beebug support and forms a part of the Beebug Security suite.

Please Contact us to find out more.

Beebug security messenger

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